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Lucky Craft Staysees 90 ver.2 Jerkbaits


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The Lucky Craft Staysee is a deep diving, suspending rip-bait that stays in a nose down position between rips. This ensures a deep diving action with every pull. The Staysee's unique combination of rattles creates a gravity suspending action that also aids in long accurate casts. Offered in a wide range of colors, there is a Staysee that is right for any environment. So when fish are stubborn but still chasing deep bait, try a Staysee. Your luck will definitely change.

Length, Weight, Depth, Class, Hooks, Line Recommendation3 1/2", 7/16oz, 8-10ft., Suspending, #6, 10-12lb
Lucky Craft Staysee 90(SP) VER.2