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Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks


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The Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hook delivers the same performance, balance and hooking capabilities as the original drop/split shot hook - now with the added advantage of a weedguard. This means you can throw it into bass holding cover with far fewer snags. The ultra-sharp points will stick to anything that touches them, and a bend behind the point will hold a nose-hooked worm in the perfect position - 90-degrees from the line - when drop shotting. The points easily penetrate the hard upper lip of a bass, and the sharp barb will not let the fish throw the hook when you are playing them in. Also a great choice for wacky rigging - the 2/0 and 3/0 sizes can even accommodate fatter stick baits and Senkos - the Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks take performance to the next level.