Banded Duck 2020 Election Tees


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Product Description

Chief of Flock— a government of the hunter, for the hunter, by the hunter. His promise is peace, prosperity, and the pursuit of bag limits.

His news is always real, and flares from all things fake. His campaign manager, Susie does all the calling, 5 quacks at a time. He offers no catchy slogan, he’s never “approved a message”, and he only parties at a fresh Feed. Duck speaks softly, carries two wings, and in a frenzy, he’ll flock millions of armed men to immediate attention with a single raehb call. A dapper dabbler, he’s the full-term in a full-plumage type of candidate.

Uncle Sam was pointing at him and you should, too. Flock together—Banded, and make your voice heard. Cast your vote by adding this LIMITED EDITION DUCK-2020 TEE to your cart.

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.