Instead of boring you with a long paragraph of our history here is a timeline of how the Fin came to be what it is today!


For those of you that want a written version of our history, this is for you:

Established in 1985, we started in a small cinder block building as a bait and tackle shop. With lots of work, we grew and grew until we needed a new building. We build a brand new 75,000 square foot building and moved in in 2001. As it tends to do, history repeated itself and we grew some more. In 2011 we expanded to our first satellite location in Middleburg Heights and it went so well we decided to open another satellite location in Canton in 2012. We caught our breath in 2013 and then got back to work by opening our third and largest satellite location in Boardman in 2014.

We will continue to add to our history so check back for updates!

Come check out one of our four locations today!