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Posted by Cory Ross on Dec 13th 2022

Road to PRS: After Action Report

Whoa. That was the prominent thought in my head after finishing a regional PRS match at MKM Precision. I felt exhaust…

Posted by Cory Ross on Dec 6th 2022

A New Member to the Legion: Sig Sauer P320X5 DH3

The phrase innovate or die is a common mantra in the manufacturing world. A company’s survival is dependent on infusi…

Posted by Cory Ross on Nov 30th 2022

Road to PRS: We are Talking About Practice

In the post-Covid world, times are tough. Inflation is soaring, gas prices have peaked, and ammo is still expensive a…

Posted by Cory Ross on Nov 16th 2022

Road to PRS: Divisions and Setup

Precision Rifle Series, like many competitive sports, is broken down into various divisions to help level the playing…

Posted by Cory Ross on Nov 9th 2022

Road to PRS: a Journey

Even in times of high inflation, the unnerving price of ammunition, and gasoline that’s pushing north of $4 a gallon,…

Posted by Cory Ross on Oct 25th 2022

First Look: Anderson Kiger-9C

In the firearms space there are moments of genius that have transcended time. Examples include Benjamin Tyle…

Posted by Cory Ross on Oct 20th 2022

Vortex More than Optics: Brand Ethos

“Making the Customer a Hero.” —Reuben AlecksonEthos, a Greek word once used by Aristotle, defines the character, sen…

Posted by Fin Feather Fur Outfitters on Oct 17th 2022

Are The Infamous Hochstetler and Troyer Bucks Genetically Related?

On December 5, 1975, Eli Hochstetler shot a massive whitetail in Holmes County that scored 261 6/8”. The massive buck…

Posted by Cory Ross on Oct 12th 2022

More Than Optics: Vortex Edge

In recent years, some companies in the outdoor space have introduced training venues to compliment the products they s…