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6th Sense Hybrid Swim Crank


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Combining the action of two baits into one, the 6th Sense Hybrid Swim Crank was developed to be a hybrid cross between a jointed swimbait and a shallow diving crankbait. Ideal for pressured fish that need to see something a little bit different, the 6th Sense Hybrid Swim Crank is built with a single joint design and a rounded circuit board lip, which creates a unique swimming action that anglers can swim over shallow water targets to trigger intense reaction strikes. It is also weighted and balanced to handle super high retrieve speeds without rolling over, making it versatile and able to adapt to the mood of the fish.

Just like all other 6th Sense products, the 6th Sense Hybrid Swim Crank comes equipped with unparalleled components and attention-to-detail. It is armed with Mustad Triple Grip hooks and a hand-tied feather on the tail, as well as, 3D eyes, 3D gills, checkered scales, and a custom painted finish. Offered in multiple colors and diving depth options, the 6th Sense Hybrid Swim Crank will become your new secret weapon when you need a unique presentation.

6th SenseLengthWeightDepth
Hybrid Swim Crank D14"5/8oz1ft
Hybrid Swim Crank D34"5/8oz3ft

Specifications and Features:

  • Hybrid Swim Crank D1
  • Hybrid Swim Crank D3
  • Depth: 1ft
  • Depth: 3ft
  • Length: 4"
  • Weight: 5/8oz