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X-Zone Lures Punisher Punch Craws

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Deliver a knockout punch no matter how matted the vegetation or how thick and tangled the timber with the Xzone Lures Punisher Punch Craw. Featuring a compact, streamlined profile with a uniquely ribbed body, it is also equipped with three rows of forward facing appendages, followed by a set of lifelike claws that provide a realistic presentation and an action that bass love. The top of the Punisher Punch Craw is built with a conical shape as well, which allows for any style of bullet weight to fit seamlessly, making it and ideal choice for flipping, pitching, and punching. The Punisher Punch Craw is crafted from durable soft plastic that can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse from aggressive bass and the heaviest of cover. It is also infused with super fine salt and a healthy dose of scent to attract more fish and make them hold on longer once they strike. Available in a wide range of classic bass catching colors, the Xzone Lures Punisher Punch Craw is made for anglers who love to fish in the nastiest cover they can find.