Last night I had the privilege of being invited to a premier movie event (the only one offered in Ohio) at the Chagrin Valley Little Theatre. Hunting enthusiast from all over North East Ohio where invited to join local Ducks Unlimited and Whitetails Unlimited chapters in the premier of The Hunting Film Tour.

This was not your average hunting videos, these short films where something far different then you might find on the hunting channel. It was stories of first time elk hunters hunting with his dad, of local legend and taxidermist Joe “Castaway” Kulis, and of brothers from NE Ohio and their journey to the big screen as the Tag N Brag brothers.

This event was one of many being put on by the Hunting Film Tour, but the only stop in Ohio. Last night while watching the films I found myself empowered and excited to start the 2015 bow season! These films made you just want to take a walk outdoors, and remember why we do what we do! The films purpose was not show monster trophies taken, although we all cheered when a young (11 year old) elk hunter had the opportunity to shoot a large 5×5 bull and pack it out with his dad. The tour showcased local hunters, outdoor enthusiast, legends, and everyday hunters like you and I.  It was a small great event to network and to meet some great influential people in the hunting community such as T-Bone Turner, The Tag N Brag Brothers, and Joe “Castaway”.

As I drove home after the film last night, I could not help but reminisce all of the great memories, stories, and adventures I have had in the woods with my friends and family. I am sure if you have hunted, even if for one season, you have some of these amazing cherished memories. We would love to hear about some of them. This event reminded me that sometimes we, as hunters get too wrapped up in shooting that trophy deer, and complaining about the bad weather, or getting skunked for the day. But if we all take a step back and think, I am sure we could all agree that we have never had a bad day in the woods. The films also moved me deep enough that as I was trying to fall asleep I tried to put into words what hunting means to me? still better then work

So I ask you, what do you remember most about your time in the woods? Or what does hunting mean to you? Chasing a monster an entire season, sharing a first time harvest with a dear family member or friend, getting to shoot the poor man’s four, or getting drawn for a tag for the hunt of a lifetime?
Whatever the moment might be we would love to hear back from you, and as always remember and say thank you to those who helped you get started in the outdoors.

Pass on your passion, enthusiasm, and ethics to the next generation.daddaddad meme

To see the trailers of the films showed last night.