Proof Our New Website and Win FIN Gift Cards

The Fin is giving away $1350 in Free FIN Gift Cards!


Just for fun we have purposely created 3 errors on our new Fin website and you could be one of our lucky winners. 


We will give Free FIN gift cards to the first three entries who find the errors based on difficulty! If you are the first person to find the most difficult error you will win a $300 Fin gift card, the first person to find the second most difficult error wins a $200 Fin gift card and the first person to find the third most difficult error wins a $100 Fin gift card. 


In addition, we will give away a Free $15 Fin Gift Card to the first 50 customers who email us an error they found on our new Fin website.


To enter please copy and paste the UPC# and describe the problem. Email all entries to


We will post the winners Friday, April 10th. Have fun! We look forward to your entries!

*Gift Cards are currently only redeemable in-store


We would like to thank everyone who participated! The response was over whelming and we are still working on corrections. The winners listed below were the first to identify a specific error.

The $300 error was the 9nn ammo we created rather than 9mm.

The $200 error was a Roger handgun rather than Ruger.

The $100 error was the misspelling of 6.5 creedmoore in the navigation to the left.


$300 Robert Shikwana
$200 Caleb  Brecheisen
$100 Scott Burghardt
$15 Matt Sklarek
$15 Kory  Nixon
$15 Steven Cortez
$15 John Sablo
$15 Gina Smith
$15 Mark Moccia
$15 Ricky Spanish
$15 Calvin Boon
$15 Nick  Martino
$15 Zachery Cheney
$15 Robert  Harpster
$15 Matt  
$15 Matt Snyder
$15 Jacob Malson
$15 John  Bouts
$15 Mike Casperd
$15 Jon Zielinski
$15 Jim McFarland
$15 Nate Botjer
$15 Mitchell Gilmore
$15 Anthony Contrera
$15 Mark Milos
$15 Aaron Riedel
$15 Mark Roach
$15 Pockets 59
$15 Albert Pereksta
$15 Michael  Banks
$15 Jake Morton
$15 Kyle Gross
$15 Jason Zura
$15 Terry Predmore
$15 Teresa  Lawson
$15 Jen Olesky
$15 Brian Richter
$15 Samantha Mowry
$15 Paul Hranko
$15 Joshua D
$15 Jefrey Goldstein
$15 Anthony  Lloyd
$15 Jeff Cline
$15 Sean O'Dell
$15 Codey Deal
$15 Quinn Conley
$15 Todd Rodgers
$15 Joe Landals
$15 Mike Tenny
$15 Farky Winzle