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Titan Tungsten Flipping Weights

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Product Description

If you need to penetrate heavy cover to catch big tournament-winning fish there is no better tool than the Titan Tungsten Pro-Series Flipping Weights. Made from environmentally friendly pure tungsten with no fillers or epoxy, the Titan Tungsten Pro-Series Flipping Weights are much denser than lead weights and feature a boat tail design, which allows them to punch through small holes in mats and heavy vegetation much more effectively than lead weights of the same size. They also feature an innovative patent pending TitanCoat that will never chip, scratch, or peel away like painted or powder coated weights. On the outside, they are also stamped with the size so that you never have to worry about comparing weights or guessing if you have the right size weight or not as well. Complete with an insert-free diamond polished through hole that eliminates line fray, the Titan Tungsten Pro-Series Flipping Weights will become the only flipping weights you need in your tackle box.

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.