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Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic Bullworms


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Delivering a big-time profile perfect for fishing ledges and targeting bigger bites, the Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic 10" Bullworm features a super-sized finesse worm design complete with a beveled bubble tail. Strike King's exclusive Perfect Plastics pouring process also makes it one of the softest, saltiest worms on the market. Their soft texture is more flexible for a better action, and it also enables better hook penetration for a higher hook-up ratio.

Infused with Strike King's exclusive Coffee Scent to help mask human scents and provide additional fish attraction, the lifelike feel of their soft plastic formulation and the taste of the extra salt makes fish hold on longer. Available in a range of proven colors, the Strike King KVD Perfect Plastic 10" Bullworm has what it takes to tempt the big ones.