Plano HGuide Series Kayak V-Crate

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Product Description

Built specifically for kayak anglers, the Plano Kayak V-Crate delivers a well thought out alternative to the everyday milk crate. Made to fit conveniently behind the seat of most kayaks, the Plano Kayak V-Crate features a unique, V-shaped construction that securely holds two 3600 or 3700 stowaways on each side (Includes four 3700-size stowaways), allowing anglers to access their gear with less strain. Catering to the needs of kayakers, the Plano Kayak V-Crate is built with a waterproof base, which is perfect for stashing valuables, like a cell phone, keys, or wallet. Designed with a detachable top and bottom for easy transportation, the Plano Kayak V-Crate delivers an innovative and functional alternative to the milk crate.

Please Note: Baits and tackle not included. Included: -Plano Kayak V-Crate -Four 23750 stowaway included Dimensions: 26"L x 16.2"W x 18.1"H

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.