Mike Goschinski
Mike GoschinskiOwner & Founder
Owner and Founder of Fin Feather Fur Outfitters better known today as The Fin.

Owner and Founder Mike Goschinski

Fin Feather Fur Outfitters was born in 1985, when a young Mike Goschinski found himself in need of a quality sleeping bag for an upcoming hunting trip. This unfulfilled need sparked the idea for a well-stocked hunting store, complete with knowledgeable professionals inside our young entrepreneur. So Fin Feather Fur Outfitters became a reality, though it was more of a bait and tackle convenient store for the first few years. The small 2,400 square foot cinder block building housed the growing store (and Mike himself) for 15 years. The dedication of Mike and his employees over the years, help them gain a state-wide reputation as the best outdoors retail businesses in the state of Ohio.

Now more lovingly know as “The Fin”, our home base has moved just down the street to a much larger 72,000 square foot facility, making it one of the largest independent firearms retailers in the state of Ohio. We now boast four satellite locations throughout northeast Ohio in addition to our Ashland headquarters, as well as our very own distribution center! Our team has also grown, and with them our collective experience, to number over 200 employees, over half of which are members of our ProStaff Team which includes rigorous classroom and field product training. We hope that you stop by to meet us and share your story with us soon!