No Way To Prevent This, School Shootings in Today’s Society

Now I am just a small town girl with little worldly experience but I totally disagree with what is running through my news feeds and this article. “No way to prevent this” is a statement made by another Ohioan about these mass shootings.  I will describe in a few words below why I believe we can prevent these shootings and NO, gun control is not the answer. I would like to hear back from you though…. What are your thoughts?

After another shooting last week, where a coward took to a local university and shot many students, his name has covered our TV and social media feeds and many of us will remember his name.

Anti-gun- will that really solve the problem?

No Way to prevent this, School Shootings in today’s society

Anti-gun- will that really solve the problem?

Reasons why more sick people will continue to shoot innocent people in public areas.

  • Because we turn them into Hero’s- As a society today our definition of a hero is so skewed, according to Webster’s dictionary a hero is a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities or a person who is greatly admired. Do we admire those who go around shooting other innocent people? No, then why do we give them more recognition then our actual hero’s ie. Those serving and protecting our country!
  • Our Judicial System- The oh poor me woe’s echo through as we try to save everyone. There is evil in this world, it’s not my right to judge or make decisions on whether to take another life, but with no repercussions for their actions why not go on a spree and kill a few people?We need a stronger bite in the system to actually punish those who without a doubt caused harm to other innocent people. Not saying these people don’t need help but they need to understand what they did was wrong.
  • Our Media- We need to write letters and turn off the publicity that these criminals are getting. Our media and the way we get it instantly is sometime the biggest enemy. We glorify the wrong, we need to focus more on the sensationalizing situations then looking for the real story.
  • Education- We need to educate everyone on gun safety! Taking guns away will do no help, but educating others on how to use them and not to be afraid of them could be. We need to teach each other how to better be aware of those who might need help or how to handle these horrific situations better. Mass chaos and pointing fingers or being afraid of the person with the gun, is not the answer.

With so many sick people in this world who can think that this could be the way they would become famous. We as a country must take a stand and tell the media we have had enough! We want more stories about students who took matters into their own hands! Like Chris Mintz a student and veteran, does anyone know who he is? He ran at the Oregon gunman trying to take him down, and did this to save others. There are countless stories out there about others in these horrible crimes doing the same thing. These are the hero’s we need to focus on and remember the names of!

Some things we as a country cannot change to hurt these gun sprees

  • Stricter gun control– I can site unlimited articles and reports about how gun control only hurts law abiding citizens. Historyhas proven time and time again, when guns were taken from law-abiding citizens and they could no longer protect themselves, they became persecuted (That’s another entire blog).
  • The Quick fix– We as American’s like the quick fix for everything. Exercise to lose weight? No way, just pop a pill. Read a newspaper to stay informed? Too slow, just check twitter instead. Promote better gun safety classes and education and stricter laws for criminals? That will take years! Just take all the guns away from law abiding citizens. We want to put a band aid on everything, instead of taking time to fix it right and fix it long term. We need to focus on our future generations and what work we can put forth NOW to make them smarter, more competent individuals LATER.

So I ask you, what do you think could reduce/ stop these mass shootings?  Do you think there truly is “no way to prevent this, school shootings in today’s society”? Do you think that any of these solutions posed above are the answers?  We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Thanks for reading the Fin’s thoughts on current issues and happenings.

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