Mace Pepper Gel Spray 45g M80269

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Product Description

A new (Patent Pending) formulation which is suspended in Gel instead of a liquid stream. This Mace Pepper Gel formulation results in several advantages including, longer distance, stronger pepper, sticks like glue, less contaminating, and nonflammable. Ideal for auto, personal(walking, running, etc.), or home use.

Specifications and Features:

  • SAFER AND STICKIER THAN SPRAY: You don't have to worry about wind blowback or misfires. Gel stream technology dispenses as a thick, glue-like substance that sticks to and incapacitates an attacker.
  • LONG-RANGE PROTECTION: Weighing 45 grams, this pepper gel contains 20 bursts and sprays in a gel stream pattern for protection up to 18 feet.
  • STRONG FORMULA: 10% OC pepper spray causes respiratory distress and coughing, impaired vision and an intense burning sensation to the skin while UV dye leaves a long-lasting residue to support investigation and identification.
  • EASY AND EFFECTIVE: Small enough for your pocket or bag, this pepper gel is always ready to go.
  • SAFE AND CONVENIENT: The flip-top safety cap prevents accidental discharges, while its built-in belt clip makes it easily accessible. Mace Brand pepper spray is 100% TSA/FAA compliant for checked baggage airline travel.

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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