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Lunkerhunt Yappa Rats


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Offering a large protein packed meal that big bass crave, the Lunkerhunt Yappa Rat is the rodent edition of Lunkerhunt's Yappa series. Featuring a floating hollow body and a unique flared lip design, the Lunkerhunt Yappa Rat displaces water and produces a wobbling action just like a real rat frantically swimming across the surface.

The Lunkerhunt Yappa Rat is also molded with lifelike details such as, molded front arms, natural color patterns, and a single silicone tail that makes it come to life when it hits the water. Armed with a stout double frog hook, the Lunkerhunt Yappa Rat puts small mammals on the menu for bass with appetites.

Yappa Rat2.75"3/4ozTopwater