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Lucky Craft LC DRS Deep Rattle Sound Crankbaits


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The Deep Rattle Sound or DRS of the new Lucky Craft LC DRS Deep Rattle Sound refers to the bait's single knocker internal rattle. Many pro's believe it attracts larger fish, because it generates more of a "click-click-click" sound as opposed to the "sh-sh-sh" sound made by BB-style rattles. And it's for this reason that more and more professional anglers are turning to the single rattle style baits. Available in an array of Lucky Craft's detailed color combinations, the Lucky Craft LC DRS Deep Rattle Sound also still delivers the tremendous square bill action and high buoyancy capabilities that has made the entire LC Series of crankbaits some of the most sought after in the industry.

Lucky CraftLengthWeightClassDepth
LC DRS 1.52"1/2ozFloating3-4ft
LC DRS 2.52-3/4"5/8ozFloating3-4ft
LC DRS 3.53"3/4ozFloating4-5ft
LC DRS 4.53-1/4"7/8ozFloating4-5ft
LC DRS 5.53-1/2"1-3/8ozFloating4-5ft