How A New Hunter Changed My Perspective On Hunting – Part Two

Welcome to part two of our dual-perspective hunting series. (Click here to read Part one) I will be writing from the perspective of a experienced hunter, and my co-worker will be writing from the stand point of the new hunter. We will both be writing about similar aspects of the hunt and how that particular part of the hunting experience affected us. We hope to highlight some of the major differences between seasoned hunters and those new to the sport, so that everyone has a new and exciting look into how different, yet how similar, hunting experiences will be.

Janessa-Part 3

I was so bummed watching those does move farther and farther away! I felt helpless to help her, when I finally looked over at her, you could tell she felt like she let me down. I felt like I had let her down! We sat and talked for a few more moments about the deer, the shot opportunities, and finally came to the conclusion she did the right thing. It was getting close to 5:00 and the sun was dipping lower, we could still see the does in the far corner of the field but could barely make their figures out.

Ultimate Goal

Ultimate Goal

All of a sudden I looked the other way across the field and saw a deer coming, it was not with the group and walking down the tree line we had walked down to come in, just three hours earlier. I thought for sure it was a button buck or spike, it was all by itself walking with its head down along the tree line. I bumped Courtney on the knee and told her to get ready, she would have one chance at this one. The deer walked down the tree line closing in on us! It was hard to tell her what to do, if the deer stayed on course it would be a front shot out of the blind the way we were facing, if it came in the woods she would have seconds to move into position so she could get a shot. We watched and the deer cut into the woods about 15 yards from our blind, I told her move now, it could see us as close as it was once it got beyond the trees and could see our blind. She moved quickly and got the gun set up on the other side of the blind, she had seconds before the deer would be in view.

At this point time stopped for me, the deer took two more steps, which brought its front end into a clear open view for Courtney and her shotgun. The Doe turned looked right at us stomped and I told Courtney “shoot it” I really didn’t have to say anything. She was on it, and made an awesome shot high but double lunged it! I watched the doe hunch and then take off. I was watching to mark where she ran to, or at least the last place I could see her. I looked back over at Courtney and she was slouched over in her chair. I told her she hit it! She started to doubt herself immediately, but I saw the deer and it had been hit!

I made her wait in the blind and we talked and laughed until it was completely dark, it had been at least a half hour and I told her we could go look for her deer. I went to look for blood where she shot it, but didn’t see any right away. It was dark and all I had was a head lamp but I was confident in her shot. I decided we should split up and walk, I set her up with the land marks that I had last seen the deer with. Walking about 20 yards up from her, we started walking towards where the deer ran. Few moments later Courtney yells she found it! Her voice was so excited. I showed her how to tell if it was dead or not, and we then proceeded to do a happy dance and high fives! She had successfully harvested her first deer all on her own.

Dragging it out of the woods and putting it in the bed of my truck, she had a smile on the entire time. I am sure the ride in the bed was cold on the way back to the barn but she insisted on riding with her deer! Courtney harvested a nice sized 2 ½ year old doe, she shot, found, and gutted her first deer all on her own and I could not have been more proud of her!


Courtney's first deer!

Courtney’s first deer!

Deer hunting is a lot of work, but it is so rewarding when you harvest such a magnificent creature. I was blessed to have the opportunity to share my passion for deer hunting with Courtney and I think instill a seed that got her hooked for life!

Have you ever taken someone out hunting for the first time? Or do you remember your first time in the woods and who it was with?