Geckobrands Float Phone Dry Bag with Audio Cord & Arm Band- White


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Product Description

This Waterproof Float Phone Dry Bag comes with an armband for hands-free swimming. You can also use the included lanyard to keep your phone at hand. The bag floats on the surface but it can also be submerged underwater while you swim. If you regularly keep your phone in a case, you don't have to remove it to use the Dry Bag. It comes with an audio cord so you can talk and enjoy music while your device is inside the bag. Safely use the touch screen to send email, text, take pictures, play games, or surf the web. Enjoy snorkeling, boating, kayaking, SUP, or other aquatic activities without giving up your phone. Fits iPhone 4/5/6/7 Plus, Samsung Galaxy, and most other devices Use the armband to enjoy your favorite water activity hands-free Durable design to protect from rain, sand, dirt, water, and snow Fits over most protective cases up to 7"H x 3.5"W x .5"D Floats on the water's surface with device inside Use the audio cord to talk and enjoy music
This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.