$75 Gift Card

$75 Gift Card


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  1. Marty Cline

    Site has one issue. I ordered a gift card to send to my Father for his birthday. As you fill in information for billing address you hit continue. Then credit card information and hit continue. Like other online credit card purchases I have made there is usually a ship to address but this did not. After hitting continue and thinking it was sending me to the ship to information page it thanked me for my order and that was it. Now I will have to receive the gift card and mail it to my Dad making it late for his birthday. I see that the site is new so there will be some bugs to work out. I hope this will help out. I live out of state but my brother recommended you so next time I’m back in the area I will be excited to check out your store.

    • Courtney S

      Thank you for the comment! We do apologize for the gift card inconvenience, and will look into the issue and do our best to fix that. We look forward to having you in the store and thank you for your business.

  2. Branka M. Malinar

    I had to type my info in 3 times and still it did not complete my order.

    • Janessa Hill

      Hello Branka, Please let us know if you need further assistance or call 419-281-2557 and ask for Janessa until 5:00 today and I will be happy to help walk you through the process. Thank you!

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