$25 Gift Card

$25 Gift Card


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8 reviews for $25 Gift Card

  1. kristina k

    is this a e-gift card or an actual gift card I can get mailed to me?

    • Janessa Hill

      Hello Kristina,
      You will get an actual Gift Card mailed to you or whoever you would like it sent to. Hope that helps answer your question! Please let us know if you have any more!

  2. Nate

    Does the fin have an option for an egift card?

    • Courtney S

      Unfortunately we do not at this time. Sorry!

  3. Lindsey (verified owner)

    I just ordered a gift card to be mailed. It said shipping was free, but didn’t give me any additional shipping information. Could someone please let me know how long it usually takes to ship?

    • Courtney S

      We will process the order today and it will go out in the mail tomorrow. It’s standard shipping so I would say look for it in a week or less. Probably less since you are in Cleveland. Thanks!

      • Lindsey (verified owner)

        Cleveland??? I shipped it to Bellville, OH? Could someone please email or call me and confirm the location the card was shipped to? Thank you.

        • Courtney S

          I’m sorry, I looked at your address. The Shipping address is Bellville.

  4. Jeff

    If a gift card is lost can it be replaced

    • Courtney S

      Did you purchase it online?

      • Jeff

        No I believe it was an in store purchase

        • Courtney S

          Unfortunately the gift cards are treated much like cash in our system so we are unable to replace it unless we have the actual gift card number. If you know the date you purchased it we might be able to look it up. Please email me at media@finfeatherfuroutfitters.com so I can get details and try to take care of this for you asap! Thanks!

  5. Judy Couchey

    It is nice to order gift cards on line.

  6. Jane Robinson

    I purchased a $25 gift card at the Canton, Ohio store and it showed up on my credit card statement as a charge for $30.99. Why is that??

    • Courtney S

      That should not be the case. Can you bring your receipt into the store so it can be fixed?

  7. Jane Robinson

    So sorry!! I forgot that I purchased another item with the gift card! 🙄

    • Courtney S

      No problem! I’m glad it all worked out! Thanks so much for letting us know!

  8. Ron

    Can i purchase something online with a gift card from your sales paper? I have been trying to and the system will not let me purchase anything.

    • Courtney S

      Hi Ron! We do not currently sell online. You can use the gift cards in any of our brick and mortar stores in NE Ohio. We have 5 locations currently.

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