Banquets & Raffles

Our Banquet Program encompasses any group or event purchasing firearms and merchandise for fundraising purposes, including banquets, raffles, gun bashes, etc.

Our goal is to offer a program that sets The Fin apart from the competition, in turn capturing incremental business and building a lasting friendship.

Contact one of our Special Events Coordinators to schedule a meeting to discuss your raffle needs:
Kelly Walker: 419-281-2557 (Ext 1018)

Why The Fin?

• Assistance in selection of firearms and merchandise that will be well received at banquets and stay within your budget.

• For every gun purchased for the event, The Fin will donate $15 worth of merchandise to be used during your banquet (excludes gift cards. Donation cannot be taken off price of purchased guns)

• Ability to offer a gift card in lieu of a firearm won at the event (some exclusions apply).

• All firearms transferred will be done through The Fin’s Federal Firearms License (FFL). All applicable Federal and State laws will apply (some exclusions apply).

• A Fin employee can be arranged to be present at your event to assist in the set-up of merchandise & firearms and to help facilitate the event.

• Trigger locks can be provided for all guns at the event.


Please Read the FINe Print!

Fees: If your group or organization is interested in shipping firearms from your organization’s headquarters or other manufacturers, there will be a fee of $10 associated with each firearm. These firearms are NOT eligible to be converted to a gift card in lieu of the actual firearm won at the event. Winner must collect the actual firearm.

Restocking Fees: There will be a $15 per gun restocking fee for each gun not used at the event. (Event coordinator’s discretion)

Firearms may ONLY be transfered at qualifying events sponsored by any national, state or local organization.

All guns must be claimed and transfer completed within 30 days of event date. After 30 days, a gift card will be issued.

All gift cards will need to be picked up in store within 30 days of event.