Feel Good News

Feel Good News On this page we want to highlight some of our amazing customers who have gone WAY above and beyond to tell us their satisfaction they have had at the Fin, or to share some feel good news! We want to say a special thank you to everyone who takes time to let us as a local company know how we are doing either online or by writing in! Here are just a [...]

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Thankful to give back!

Thankful to give back! The Fin with the help of our employees and loyal customers where blessed to able to give back  to the community!  We would like to thank everyone again for their generosity and for helping us as a local small town business make an impact with organizations such as St. Judes and The Salvation Army! We are so blessed as a local small business to be able to partner with and share [...]

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No Way to prevent this, School Shootings in today’s society

 No Way To Prevent This, School Shootings in Today's Society Now I am just a small town girl with little worldly experience but I totally disagree with what is running through my news feeds and this article. “No way to prevent this” is a statement made by another Ohioan about these mass shootings.  I will describe in a few words below why I believe we can prevent these shootings and NO, gun control is not [...]

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