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Product Description

Keep your pellet grill and smoker fired up with Camp Chef's Premium Hardwood Pellets. The 30 lb. bucket is perfect for properly resealing your precious pellets and for those who want to stock up on everyone's favorite flavor. Our Competition Blend is a tasty mix of maple, hickory, and cherry woods, so it's appropriate for every meal. That means better tasting food, more time grilling, and less time cleaning up ash. Try it today with your favorite meat, bread, or veggie. Unlike most pellets available, Camp Chef pellets are not a byproduct but rather 100% pure virgin hardwoods. No oils, chemicals or binders added. The kiln dried process creates low moisture content for a very dry, hot burning pellet. This means it burns less to maintain your desired temperature, giving you more pellets for your next barbecue and less ash to clean. These pure virgin hardwood pellets will give you consistent results bag after bag.

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.