BigShot Targets Titan Broadhead Target


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Product Description

BigShot Targets Titan Broadhead Target #BH-Titan-16The TITAN 16 multipurposetarget utilizes the new BIGshot Elasto-Flex foam which works equally wellwith field points or broadheads. In addition,theTITAN's unique design takes practice with purpose to the next level.TITAN methodically prepares you for hunting success with five specific targetfaces designed for each phase of your shooting experience. The TITAN sportsa unique tapered design which conserves space for traveling and storage. Thetaper also positions the target face perpendicular to your shooting plane forbetter target acquisition. Whether you're just starting to shoot yournew bow, warming up for competition or shooting more powerful crossbows, theTITAN will take your game to thenext level.BigShot Targets Titan Broadhead Target #BH-Titan-16
This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.