Big and J HEADRUSH BB2-BKM20 Deer Attractant 20 Pound Bucket

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Product Description

HEADRUSH from Big and J delivers a long-range BB2 aroma to ensure more deer will find and consume. We have given it the powerful, long-range aroma of BB2 and added salt, both of which deer love. HEADRUSH contains Bioavailable trace minerals; including zinc, copper, manganese (which antlered animals really need) and cobalt. The difference is with HEADRUSH is that these minerals are bioavailable, meaning they are readily absorbed by the animal as opposed to excreted. Calcium aids antler growth and HEADRUSH has plenty of Calcium, a key to bone/antler growth, which is not readily available in the natural environment. Made in the USA. Big and J has a long history of developing, testing and producing high quality deer feeds and attractants. Big and J uses only high quality feed-stocks to ensure that they only produce the healthiest products for whitetail attraction and strong and the healthy bone and antler growth, and producing bigger and stronger bucks for hunters.

Specifications and Features:

  • Long-range BB2 aroma-more deer will find and consume
  • Bioavailable trace minerals-quickly absorbed by Deer
  • Calcium aids antler growth-calcium is not readily available in the natural environment.
  • Powerful aroma is far reaching and brings the Bucks in
  • Made in the USA

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.