Berkley Spin Bomb Prop Baits

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Product Description

Designed to the exact specs of topwater fishing expert and Elite Series pro, Justin Lucas, the Berkley Spin Bomb Prop Bait is ideal for those situations when the bass are up shallow feeding on baitfish and bluegill. Built with a smaller baitfish inspired body shape, the Berkley Spin Bomb Prop Bait features two large cupped plastic propellers that don't require any tuning and spray the maximum amount of water at any speed thanks to their enhanced surface area.

The Berkley Spin Bomb Prop Bait works extremely well with a twitch and pause retrieve but also works great reeled at a steady speed across the surface. Equipped with Berkley's super sharp Fusion19 treble hooks, the Berkley Spin Bomb Prop Bait is offered in a wide range of highly realistic colors to match the hatch anywhere in the country.

Spin Bomb2-2/5"2/5ozTopwater

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.