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Berkley Powerbait Kicker Frog Bullfrogs

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Product Description

As lifelike as they come, the Berkley Powerbait Kicker Frog delivers a highly naturalized, subsurface frog presentation that bass are sure to inhale. Included with one pre-rigged frog and two spare bodies, the Berkley Powerbait Kicker Frog can be combined with a bullet weight for rapid descent and fished weightless for a slow-sinking presentation. However you choose to fish the Berkely Powerbait Kicker Frog, the uniquely designed legs will generate a prominent "kicking motion" with each twitch of the rod tip. Infused with a heavy dose of Berkley's Powerbait scent-and-flavor formula, the Berkley Powerbait Kicker Frog provides proven attraction that extends beyond just action. Offered in a number of incredibly detailed frog finishes, the Berkley Powerbait Kicker Frog delivers amplified amphibian attraction that will put your culling system to the test.
This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.