Berkley Cutter Rip Baits

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Product Description

Imitating the erratic nature of an injured baitfish, the Berkley Cutter Rip Bait delivers everything an angler could want in a jerkbait - action, ease-of-use, and quality. Fitted with a coffin-shaped bill, the Berkley Cutter Rip Bait provides a precise darting movement and maximum side flash with minimal rod movement. Incredibly versatile, the Berkley Cutter Rip Bait works wonders with a twitch-and-pause retrieve, but is just as deadly with a full-speed burn and a straight retrieve. To get that little bit of added depth, the Berkley Cutter Rip Bait is built to dig down in the water column when worked with an extra-hard jerk. Fitted with Berkley's Fusion19 treble hooks, the Berkley Cutter Rip Bait offers erratic, yet functional performance that is able to catch just about anything that swims.

Cuttter Rip Bait3-1/2"3/8oz4-6ft
Cutter Rip Bait4-3/8"9/16oz4-8ft

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.