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Berkley Beat'n Paddle Frog


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There's almost nothing more fun and exciting than watching a big bass inhale a topwater frog and that is why Berkley created the Berkley Beat'n Paddle Frog. Molded with two oversized paddle tail style feet, the Berkley Beat'n Paddle Frog beats the water with a rhythmic sound and topwater splashing action that bass want to crush. It is also made from a sturdy material for better durability so anglers can fish way back into heavy cover and catch multiple fish per bait.

Fitted with unique perpendicular hook point keepers, the Berkley Beat'n Paddle Frog gives anglers the option to utilize their favorite single hook or double frog hook while maintaining a perfectly weedless presentation. Infused with a heavy dose of exclusive PowerBait scent formula that makes fish hold on up to 18-times longer, giving you more time to set the hook, the Berkley Beat'n Paddle Frog is offered in a vast selection of colors that bass can't resist.