BERETTA 1301 Competition Pro 21" 12 Gauge 2 Rounds


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Product Description

Based on the extremely reliable and popular Beretta 1301, the Beretta 1301 Competition Pro has added the features that are most requested by competitive shooters. In competition speed and accuracy are the key to winning. With this in mind, the 1301 Competition Pro retains a 3" chamber but uses the longer 3.5" receiver found on waterfowl models and opens it up for easy shell insertion. The shell lifter stays raised and out of the way during loading for faster dual loads and quad loads. This innovation also prevents the thumb from being pinched between the shell lifter and the receiver. The bolt release and cocking handle have been oversized to allow for easy manipulation during dynamic shooting competition when performance is critical. Reliability has always been the hallmark of the Beretta 1301 series of shotguns. The 1301 Competition Pro is no exception. The ultra-tested gas system operates a rotating, B-Link bolt which has a 36% faster cycling speed than other semi-automatic shotguns. Created using Beretta Steelium, an exclusive tri-alloy steel with nickel, chromium, and molybdenum, which has been cold hammer forged with an extended double forcing cone, the 1301 Competition Pro provides superior ballistics and shot patterns with lead, steel, and high-performance steel shot. Interchangeable OptimaChoke HP Black Edition chokes let you make adjustments as needed during your match. In order to mitigate recoil and enhance performance, the 1301 Competition Pro uses a polymeric stock with Kick-Off Plus. Two elastomer dampeners with return springs mitigate the first recoil peak, reducing perceived recoil by 40%, while a third elastomer dampener, located near the stock bolt, absorbs the impact of the slide against the stock, reducing the second recoil peak, muzzle jump and vibrations caused by movement of the bolt. A SoftComb insert on the butt stock cheek rest provides additional comfort. Length of Pull, Drop and Cast can be adjusted with spacers. For out-of-the-box performance, you can't beat a Beretta.

Specifications and Features:

  • Item Number: J131C11PRO
  • Gas-Operated Semi-Automatic Action Shotgun
  • 12 Gauge
  • 2+1 Rounds (2-3/4" Shells)
  • 21" OptimaBore High-Performance Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
  • 3" Chamber (also accepts 2-3/4" Shells)
  • 3.14" Extended Double Forcing Cone
  • 10x8 Stepped Vent Rib with Fiber Optic Front Sight and Mid-Bead Sight
  • Blue Anodized 3.5" Receiver
  • Receiver is Drilled and Tapped for Attaching a Rail
  • Enlarged Loading Gate
  • Oversized Cocking Handle and Bolt Release
  • ComfortGrip Forend with Rubber Inserts
  • Polymeric Stock with Kick-Off Plus System
  • Cast and Drop Spacers
  • SoftComb Cheek Rest
  • MicroCore Recoil Pad with LOP Spacers

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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