Auto-Ordnance Thompson 1927A-1 Trump Deluxe .45 ACP Semi Auto Rifle 16.5" Finned Barrel 50 Round Drum/20 Round Stick Walnut Furniture


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Product Description

Auto-Ordnance Special Edition Trump Thompson 1927A-1 Deluxe Semi Auto RifleThe Auto-Ordnance Thompson 1927A-1 Deluxe semi auto carbine is proudly made and produced in Worcester, MA. These faithful semi auto replicas are produced with only the highest quality parts and processes which result in high quality firearms. Often referred to as the "Chicago Typewriter" the 1927A-1 is an iconic piece of American history. The 1927A-1 operates from the closed bolt position as is the closest representation of a classic firearm that would be otherwise unobtainable. This particular model comes with both the 50 round drum magazine and the 20 round stick magazine.

Specifications and Features:

  • Auto-Ordnance T1-14-50DC1
  • Special Edition Trump Thompson
  • Semi-Auto Carbine Rifle
  • .45 ACP
  • 16.5" Finned Barrel
  • Blade Front Sight
  • Open adjustable rear sight
  • Walnut fixed buttstock (non detachable)
  • Walnut vertical foregrip
  • One 20 round stick magazine
  • One 50 round drum magazine
  • Engravings on Wood Furniture
  • Receiver Engravings
  • Overall length 39"
  • Overall weight 12.5lbs
  • Made in the USA, in Worcester, MA

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.